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Getting Started


Before applying to the U, visit the Admission website to learn about resources for Veterans. 

Enrollment Process

Enrollment is complex by nature.  Student Veterans are typically using a unique and sometimes unfathomable funding source, which further complicates the process. 

Look over our New Student Booklet & New Student Checklist


GI Bill Information:

Veteran Services - the office responsible for initiating you GI Bill Benefits

Veteran Support Center GI Bill tab

Stop by the office and talk to Alan Heal


If you encounter problems on campus that you cannot resolve yourself and feel you need the help of an advocate, contact the Center.


If you are a Utah resident, you qualify for in-state tuition.  The U will determine your residency status in the admission process. If you are a recently separated out-of-state Veteran you also qualify for in-state tuition!  See here.  


If you apply to the U and are classified as a non-resident.  Here are your options:

Exemption Residency Application Yellow Ribbon Program

Active Duty and Reserve service members who are stationed in the State of Utah or individuals serving with the Utah National Guard who are not state residents are eligible for a residency exemption.  

Complete Application for In-State Tuition Based Upon Military Service Exception with all supporting documentation.   

Veterans from other states who have been accepted to the U are also eligible for in-state tuition, if they meet certain requirements. (Those who did not receive an honorable discharge are disqualified.) 

Complete the Application for In-State Tuition Based Upon Military Service Exception

Submit completed application with all documentation to Office of Admissions SSB Room 250S. 

Students using the Post 9/11 GI Bill are eligible for the Yellow Ribbon Program. 

Complete Yellow Ribbon Request and submit to Veterans Services, located in the Veteran Support Center, Union 418.



If you are a member of the Utah National Guard or U.S. Armed Forces Reserve this applies to you:


Utah System of Higher Education -- R512, Determination of Resident Status

R512-6. Exceptions to Requirements of Domicile—Resident Student Status Based on Special Circumstances

6.4.Member of Utah National Guard: A person is entitled to resident student status if the person:

(a) is admitted as a full-time, part-time, or summer school student in a program of study leading to a degree or certificate; and

(b) submits verification, in the form of either an enlistment contract or "orders of unit assignment," that he or she is an active member of the Utah National Guard. Upon the termination of Utah National Guard enlistment or duty, the individual is governed by the standards applicable to non-Utah National Guard persons. Any time spent residing in Utah counts toward the one-year time period required for Utah residency for tuition purposes upon termination of Utah National Guard status.

 6.4.1. A member of the Utah National Guard shall be considered to maintain continuous Utah residency under this section for the length of time that he or she maintains membership in the Utah National Guard.

 6.4.2. A member of the Utah National Guard who performs active duty service outside the state of Utah shall be considered to maintain continuous Utah residency under this section.


6.5. Active Duty United States Armed Forces Personnel Who are Residents of Other States but Stationed in Utah: Personnel of the U.S. Armed Forces, who are residents of another state, but who are assigned to active duty in Utah or members of a reserve component of the United States Armed Forces assigned to Utah, together with the immediate members of their families residing with them in Utah, are entitled to resident student status for tuition purposes during the time they are stationed in Utah on active duty. The student shall complete the institutional certification form and provide a copy of the military orders assigning the military personnel to active duty in Utah.

Vet Friendly Orientation

In order to promote better understanding of Veterans and our culture the Center is presenting an orientation to staff and faculty about Veterans, what we do, where we've been, and how to better work with us. If you want to receive the training for your department simply contact the Center and schedule a session. It takes a little over an hour. If you are a Vet and want to review the presentation, drop by the Center. Feel free to let your teachers know of this opportunity! The idea is to make advocates for Veterans on campus and let Veterans know who they are.

Offices and individuals who have attended this orientation will display a sticker to show that they have at least a basic understanding of the Veteran culture. Don't hesitate to seek these folks out when you're doing business on campus.

Last Updated: 7/25/17