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June Newsletter!

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Tuition Gap Funding for New Fiscal Year Available!

Apply Now!

The State of Utah provides funds for your tuition during the last full year of school IF you meet the following requirements:

  • Resident of Utah
  • Admitted to the U 
  • Showing Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
  • No previous degrees
  • Chapter 33 eligible
  • GI Bill Exhausted
  • 3 semesters or fewer left to graduation.

If you meet these criteria you may apply for the Utah Tuition Gap Funding program.  Simply fill out the application, and bring it to the Veterans Support Center, along with proof of your eligibility (statement from VA showing you have no GI Bill left, statement of SAP, proof of residency, etc.). Applications will be accepted until funds are exhausted.  If you have already applied and been accepted there is no reason to reapply.  Contact the Center if you have any questions. 

Hawiian Shirt Fridays!

Throughout the summer!

Starting now every Friday will be Hawiian Shirt Fridays! It's summer so lets have some fun!  Wear your best (or worst) Hawiian shirt on Fridays until the end of Summer just because you can.  The Center staff will be doing it so why not!?


The University of Utah will now be offering priority registration to ALL VETERANS on campus! For those students who are already using their GI Bill and Vocational Rehabilitation benefits at the University of Utah, priority registration began for the Summer 2016 semester and continues on for every semester you are enrolled. Because you are already signed up with our office to use either GI Bill or Vocational Rehabilitation benefits, no further action is required on your part and priority registration for you will be automatically granted starting Summer 2016. Priority registration dates for Summer start on March 21st 2016. If you plan on registering for Summer, this will be the date that you can start registering for classes.

You can view your registration date by going into CIS and clicking on the “View your Registration Date” link under the Registration section. If your registration date is not March 21st 2016, please contact the office (801.581-6945) so that we can get this corrected for you.

For all other Veterans, priority registration will be given starting Fall 2016. Veteran students who are not using GI Bill or Voc Rehab at the University of Utah may still qualify for Veteran priority registration starting in Fall 2016 by submitting proof of your Veteran status through this link. The submission process will be done online through CIS and will be available for students to start using in the coming weeks.  Early registration means you won't have to wait for that 'one class' you need now that is always full!  Don't hesitate!  Use this benefit now!

Credit for Military Schools!!

GREAT NEWS FROM THE ADMISSIONS OFFICE:"In the 2013 Utah State Legislative session, a bill was passed regarding military credit; subsequently, the Utah State Board of Regents also approved that credit may be awarded for certain military service training and experience as recommended by the American Council on Education (ACE). It is advised that students with military credit meet with an academic advisor to determine how this credit will apply towards a degree, as the military credit will increase the number of semester hours and could impact the tuition costs calculated at the Upper Division Rate Schedule as well as financial aid. In order to receive this general elective credit, a Joint Services Transcript (or other appropriate credential) must be forwarded to the Office of Admissions. General elective credit will be awarded as recommended by ACE and only if the coursework is offered at the U. However, it is up to each academic department to decide if the credit is applicable to a specific major or program." In other words you can get credit for military schooling where it applies. You won't get credit if there isn't a similar class offered at the U and, in the case of major credit, if the department feels the course isn't applicable or up to the standards of that department. If you run into issues with this (which I doubt) stop in and speak with the Center. Thanks to the Utah Legislature and the Admissions Office for getting this done!

Tuition Discount on Test Prep Courses!

Thinking about returning to the U for graduate or professional school? Need to prepare to take the GRE, GMAT or LSAT exam? In recognition of your service and sacrifice to our nation the University of Utah would like to honor Veterans and their spouses with a 20%  tuition discount on test preparation classes through Continuing Education. For more information or to register, call 801-581-5361 or visit

Out-Of-State Veterans and Families Can Receive In-State Tuition!

The Utah Legislature has passed House Bill 124 granting In-State Tuition to Veterans and their families if they take steps to establish Utah residency effective May 2012. No more waiting for a year to establish residency, just start school and pay the lower rate right off if you are qualified. Interested? Here's what you have to show according to Board of Regents regulation R512, Determination of Resident Status; para 5.1.2:

5.1.2.Residency for Veterans of the United States Armed Forces: An institution within the state system of higher education shall grant resident student status for tuition purposes to a military veteran and the military veteran’s immediate family members who reside in the state if the military veteran provides:

  • Evidence of a discharge from the United States Armed Forces, other than a dishonorable discharge, that occurred within the previous 12 months
  • A signed written declaration that the military veteran has relinquished residency in any other state and does not maintain a residence elsewhere; and
  • Objective evidence that the military veteran has taken overt steps to relinquish residency in any other state and establish residency in Utah, which may include evidence of the following:
    • a Utah voter registration card;
    • a Utah driver license or identification card;
    • a Utah vehicle registration;
    • evidence of employment in Utah;
    • a rental agreement showing name and Utah address; and
    • utility bills showing name and Utah address

Once you have collected this information complete the Military Service Exception Application - read the instructions on page 3, write in "military Veteran" for the Type of Applicant question at the top of page 5, and submit the completed application, with all documentation, to Office of Admissions (Student Services Building) Room 250S. That's it!

If you have been paying out-of-state tuition for a year or more you may be eligible to convert to in-state tuition by providing the same information. If you are receiving Yellow Ribbon funds this frees up money for other Vets to use so do establish residency if you are eligible. If you have further questions contact the Admissions Office at 801-581-7281 or email

Why Should a Veteran Come to the University of Utah?

  • NEW In-State tuition rate for Veterans and their families.
  • Active and growing student Veterans organization and community
  • New Veteran Support Center to call home
  • Strong Community Support for Veterans, on campus and off.
  • Social events - BBQs, dinners, activities for adult students, etc
  • Yellow Ribbon Program for financial assistance
  • TA Approved for you Guard and Reserve folks
  • Advising
  • Counseling
  • Tutoring
  • Recognition of your efforts
    • Student Veteran of the Year award
    • SALUTE National Veterans Honor Society
  • National Center for Veterans Studies - a nationally recognized program

OUTSTANDING Outdoor Activities

  • World Class Skiing
  • Mountain biking
  • Climbing
  • Hiking

So come to Utah! Attend the University of Utah where your service is respected! Get a world-class education from the flagship university in the state! Contact the Veterans Support Center if you have any questions or need any assistance.

Where to get answers concerning your Education Entitlements

The Center has received several questions concerning student Vets who change to Post 9-11 NOT having the number of months remaining that they think they should. Taking into consideration all the variables, such as whether you withdrew or got an F in a class, etc., if you still have a question on your entitlement DO NOT call the VA Help Line! You now have a VA representative in the Center to answer these questions! Alan Heal will review your entitlement and make sure you are getting what you deserve! Just come in and set up a time to meet. Alan will review your records and let you know where you stand.

However, if you have to contact Muskogee, go to the VA´s Inquiry Routing & Information System and send an e-mail query. E-mail reaches a more experienced adjudicator and they are supposed to (suppose… such a fascinating word…) respond within 5 business days. Write them for those questions Alan can't answer. (Wont be many).

My only request is to not use this for day-to-day questions. Use the Veteran Services window in the Student Services Building or contact the Center. Use the e-mail method for the ‘big’ questions. Thanks and give us some feedback on how this works. Remember: the answer you get may not make you happy, but if it’s right, it’s right.

Deployment? Here's What You Do!

If you are deploying during the term make sure you stop by the Center and get help in closing the loop with the University. At a minimum download and use the following documents. Any questions just give us a call.

Business College Provides Incentives for Veterans and Families

The University of Utah has initiated an aggressive program for Veterans who are interested in graduate education in the field of business. They are offering the following opportunity to move forward with your graduate education:

In recognition of your service and sacrifice to our nation the University of Utah would like to honor Veterans and their spouses with a 20% tuition discount for our GRE, GMAT, or LSAT Preparation courses for the academic year 2011-12. At the U we feel this is the least we can do for what you have done for us. Simple apply for the course as directed and submit proof of your status (DD 214, copy of your ID card, etc.) to the Veteran Support Center ( for verification (801-587-7722). Make sure you provide the following in the body of your e-mail or in your documentation:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Course for which applying

  • Contact number or e-mail Branch of Service

  • Status (active, reserve, spouse, etc.)

  • ETS date (if applicable)

  • Will you be using VA Educational Benefits?

This is a good opportunity to get started on that MBA or other graduate degree you have been seeking. To find out more about this program, click.