Our Mission

What is the Veterans Support Center all about?

Transition to campus life can be challenging for non-traditional students, such as Veterans. These challenges are even more pronounced for student Veterans who are often returning from the strict regimes of combat service abroad to the unfamiliar environment of campus and classrooms. The Center is staffed by student Veterans who are committed to providing their fellow Veterans with the most useful and current information available to assist them with this transition. The Center maintains relationships with university counseling, tutoring centers, and ASUU to ensure that student Veterans have a personal contact within these organizations when they find that they are in need of services. The Center serves as a drop-in location for study and discussion, as well as a place to develop contacts and friendships among the university's student Veterans. The Center will soon begin work with the Trio Office on campus to bring the Veterans Upward Bound Program to the University of Utah. This U.S Department of Education program is designed to motivate and assist Veterans in the development of academic and other requisite skills necessary for success in a program of postsecondary education.

Who Is A Veteran?

There are many definitions of Veteran based on several criteria. Not every Veteran knows if they are a Veteran! The Center will work under the following definition:

“Any student, alumni, faculty, or staff member of the University of Utah who has been or currently is a military member of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard (active or reserve), or National Guard of any state; or has separated from these services with a discharge other than Dishonorable is considered to be a Veteran by the Veterans Support Center. Any ROTC cadet in their 3rd or 4th year and any spouse or children of Veterans under this definition may also seek support from the Veterans Support Center.”

If you meet any of these criteria then you ARE a Veteran!

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Veteran Support Center is to improve and enhance the success of student Veterans; to help them receive the benefits they deserve; to serve as a liaison between the Veteran student community and the University; and to increase their academic success. Additionally to provide an opportunity to continue the relationships built through the service in civilian life.


The Veterans Support Center is not affiliated with the Department of Defense, the Veterans Administration, or any other agency of the government though we coordinate closely with these offices. It is a distinct University of Utah activity focused on providing the best support possible to our student Veterans while they pursue their education and reintegrate into student life. We work under the concept that service is service and should be recognized and appreciated for its own sake.