Andrea Bryant

Andrea BryantAndrea Bryant is a student at the University of Utah with a major in history. She is interested in teaching history as a profession someday. In addition, Andrea would like to involve herself in being a comedian as a hobby. She was in the U.S. Navy under an Explosive Ordinance Disposal contract then as a Navy police officer. The Navy assigned her to Bangor, Washington for two years and then to Bahrain, located in the Persian Gulf.

About a year before separating from the military Andrea knew that she wanted to attend school. At the time she was an Idaho resident. She knew that none of the Idaho schools would fit her needs, but she had to consider cost-of-living and a place to live while she attended school. As it turns out her sister attended the University of Utah previously and happen to still live in the state. While looking at the University of Utah, Andrea discovered that the University would grant her in-state tuition if she came within a year’s time frame of getting out of the military. “It seemed like the best choice economically and educationally”, said Andrea.

After completing her major in history, Andrea is looking to either go into a Master’s program, or move back to Idaho to get her teaching certificate in order to teach high school history. She would like to be a high school teacher because she noticed that her high school teachers had a big impact on her life, and she would like to do the same and influence somebody else in their life. Andrea also would like to be as close to the Twin Falls area as possible, as her parents are beginning to get elderly and she would like to be close to them.