Cory Boren

Cory BorenCorey Boren is a university student studying engineering and is in his third semester at the U. Corey served with the Navy in nuclear submarines as a sonarman for 8 years. After high school he made a plan to join the Navy and serve for five years then apply for collage using his GI Bill benefits. As it turned out Corey had a blast being in the military and stayed with it for longer than originally planned! Corey saw many places including during his time in service including Panama, Spain, Norway, England, Bahrain and more. In addition he enjoyed sightseeing and looking at all of the old buildings and history compared to the United States fairly young history.

Realizing that he needed to get back to his original plans Boren decided to attend the University of Utah. After graduating with a degree in engineering Corey is planning on "shot-gunning" his applications everywhere. By everywhere he means overseas as Corey would love to work in Scandinavia, Netherlands, Sweden, or Norway. If that doesn't work out he would like to land somewhere in Montana.

During his college career Boren is getting help from the Veterans Support Center through their knowledge of VA and university requirements that need to be taken care of as well as support in general. He feels the Center also provides him emotional support as well. Coming to the Veteran Support Center also gives him an easier environment for finding friends as he states, "It's easier to connect with people that were in the military because they don't ask "why" so much."
Corey would also like to let people know something about him. He says if anyone sees him and he is wearing the same blue t-shirt all of the time it is in fact not the same one but one of 14 blue t-shirts that he has!