Veteran Bios

Cory Boren

Corey Boren is a university student studying engineering and is in his third semester at the U. Corey served with the Navy in nuclear submarines as a sonarman for 8 years. After high school he made a plan to join the Navy and serve for five years then apply for collage using his GI Bill benefits. As it turned out Corey had a blast being in the military and stayed with it for longer than originally planned! Corey saw many places including during his time in service including Panama, Spain, Norway, England, Bahrain and more. In addition he enjoyed sightseeing and looking at all of the old buildings and history compared to the United States fairly young history. [read more]

Andrea Bryant

Andrea Bryant is a student at the University of Utah with a major in history. She is interested in teaching history as a profession someday. In addition, Andrea would like to involve herself in being a comedian as a hobby. She was in the U.S. Navy under an Explosive Ordinance Disposal contract then as a Navy police officer. The Navy assigned her to Bangor, Washington for two years and then to Bahrain, located in the Persian Gulf. [read more]

Donald Edwards

Donald Edwards made the commitment to join the US Marine Corps, as a combat engineer, at the young age of 18. Stationed at Camp Hansen in Okinawa, Donald was assigned on to be a Bulk Fueler. A Bulk Fueler's job is to set up large fuel farms which is anywhere between 200,000 to a couple million gallons of fuel into "giant bladders which are all connected with pumps and hoses." Being in the military, Donald was pushed far out of his comfort zone. He learned what being a Marine was all about. He realized that no matter how hard his circumstances may be, he was capable of continuing forward and getting the job – any job - done. [read more]

Byron Eng

What have I gotten myself into?" thought Byron Eng, as the bus driver yelled at him on the way to his first time at boot camp. He had recently graduated high school and joined the Air Force with his best friend. Being the committed man he is, he said to himself, "the easiest way out, is to go straight through it." And that is exactly what he did. After a year and a half of language training, he was deployed to serve as a linguist in the Middle East. [read more]

Christopher Haley

Christopher Haley is a proactive, optimistic, and determined individual who continues his life journey here at the U as an Athletic Training major. Previously, Christopher, at the young age of 17, enlisted in the US Army. Having been raised from military parents, service runs in his blood. He was assigned to Ft. Wainwright in Fairbanks, Alaska as a medic. He deployed with his unit, 1st Battalion 5th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division, to Kandahar, Afghanistan and was supporting an Infantry operation when he was wounded. [read more]

Rebecca Harper

Rebecca was raised in South Dakota and enlisted in the United States Air Force in 2004 because ("I know it sounds hokey but...") she wanted to serve her country and do something meaningful. After basic training in Texas she attended the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California to learn Farsi and become a cryptologic linguist. "Monterey was so cool!" She was then assigned to Ft. Meade, MD and worked with the National Security Agency until she separated in 2008. She attended Louisiana State University initially then transferred to the University of Utah where she is a Biology major. [read more]

Keith McDonald

Keith McDonald is a journalism and ethnic studies major that served in the United States Air Force. He joined the Air Force in 2001 and served his first day of active duty on September 11th. Keith enlisted in Ohio, and he has spent time in the United Kingdom, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and Ireland. Ireland being his favorite as it was more of a relaxed atmosphere after being in Saudi Arabia. [read more]

Rachel Painter

Rachel grew up in Ogden, Utah and attended Weber State University as a Zoology major. While attending Weber she was also part of Army ROTC and was commissioned as an officer in the Medical Service Corps with the Utah National Guard upon graduation in 2006. During her service she deployed with the 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne) to Afghanistan. She was the only female officer and in charge of a Special Forces support unit. She is now a captain and a company commander, a position with a lot of responsibility for other soldiers and equipment. [read more]

Adam Sorensen

Adam Sorensen enlisted into the United States Marine Corps in April 2005 from South Jordan, Utah and subsequently attended recruit training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego, California. In 2008, now Sergeant Sorensen reported for duty as a Team Reconnaissance Man for Force Recon Company, I MEF after many year of training and experience. In 2010, Adam deployed to Helmand Province, Afghanistan as a Force Recon Team Communicator where he was wounded conducting combat operations on October 26, 2010. [read more]

Nico Terreros

Nico Terreros enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and was sent to basic in San Diego shortly after. He was stationed in Hawaii where he was a Motor Vehicle Operator. Nico was deployed to Iraq where he worked closely with an artillery unit and was able to do a lot of cross training. He liked that he was actually able to do his job while he was there, AND that he got to learn a lot of other skills that would help him in his occupation and later in life. [read more]