Keith McDonald

Keith McDonaldKeith McDonald is a journalism and ethnic studies major that served in the United States Air Force. He joined the Air Force in 2001 and served his first day of active duty on September 11th. Keith enlisted in Ohio, and he has spent time in the United Kingdom, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and Ireland. Ireland being his favorite as it was more of a relaxed atmosphere after being in Saudi Arabia.

After his deployment Keith was transferred to Hill Air Force base, and where while he was he enrolled in the University of Utah. To Keith the military was a way to pay for school. He knew that he wanted to go to school for himself and his unborn son. When coming to the University, Keith got involve in the Veterans Support Center. Through the Veterans Support Center Keith was awarded the Stoker Family Scholarship, because of his past service in the military.

Today Keith is finishing up his major and has six weeks left of school. He wants to write for himself, and run his own business. He feels that his time in the military has not influenced his decisions much, but it has given him a sense of dedication and the ability to work for what he wants. He still comes to the Veterans Support Center regularly for not only the free coffee, but for the feeling of equality. Everyone one in the center is a veteran and has been enlisted. He feels that they have all had some of the same experiences and feel a sense of comradery.