Our Vets

At the U, we have more than 1,100 “student veterans,” a collective term for U.S. Armed Forces active duty, reserve, National Guard, veteran students who were not dishonorably discharged, regardless of duration or location of service, and their spouses and children.  About 75% of student veterans are undergraduate students across almost every major, and the other 25% are in graduate or professional schools including Law, Medicine, and Dentistry.  Our “U Vets” come from every branch of service, making the Veterans Support Center a “joint operation.”

We know that we have more than 1,100 student veterans, but we don’t know how many more.   Some veterans don’t identify themselves, even though doing so can provide them with special benefits such as priority registration.  If you’re a veteran by our definition, then go to your CIS account, select “Update Your Student Profile,” and check the box “Are You A Veteran?

Check out the bios of some of our U Vets.