Career & Professional Development Center

A common mistake of many students is to wait until their final semester to contact the Career & Professional Development Center (CPDC).  Regardless of your major, you should engage the CPDC early in your academic career.  Even as a freshman, you can benefit from their services by clarifying your employment goals and aligning those goals to your academic plan, by developing a network of employer contacts, and by developing skills and resources that will enable you to obtain a meaningful internship, find a summer job, and start a great career after graduation.

For each college at the U, there is a Career Coach that specializes in that college’s majors.  To identify and contact your college’s coach, go here.

The CPDC and the VSC also provide a Career Coach who works with the college coaches in assisting student veterans.  You can contact the Veterans Career Coach, Crystal Cory, at or (801) 585-5065.