Student Veterans at Utah

The purpose of the Student Veterans at Utah (SVU) is to create a support network for fellow veterans, to increase awareness and understanding of veterans’ issues on campus, and to promote the success of student veterans through service, leadership, and scholarship.  The SVU is a chapter of the Student Veterans of America.

The SVU is an independent student-run organization that collaborates with faculty, staff, and student-focused organizations.  The SVU strives to further the social, physical, and educational well-being of the veteran community through such efforts as:

  • Serving the community through volunteer and fundraising events
  • Participating in intramural sports on campus
  • Organizing and sponsoring social events
  • Providing a peer support network
  • Providing a student veteran voice at the U.

SVU membership is open to all students and alumni of the University of Utah who are currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, who are veterans of any era and were not dishonorably discharged, or who have an interest in student veteran issues.  Membership is free.

For more information, to stay informed of upcoming SVU events, or to join SVU, please visit the SVU Facebook page.