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Richard Ferguson

Dr. Richard Ferguson was born and raised in Washington D.C., but has been living in Utah since 2010. As a Board Certified Physician in Family Medicine, he has practiced Emergency Medicine for the past 9 years. Currently, you will find him working as the Chief Medical Officer for Health Choice Utah.

For seven years, Richard served in the U.S. Army as a physician and maintains a strong interest in Veteran Affairs. He has a passion for leading humanitarian care at home and abroad. This passion lead him to be founder and President of a new organization called the Black Physicians of Utah.

Richard is an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Family & Preventative Medicine with the University of Utah. Somewhere in his busy schedule, he found time to pursue another degree. In 2020, he graduated with his MBA from the University of Utah.

When Richard has spare time, you will find him at Ballet West events, exploring new wineries, or participating in a destination triathlon.