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Taylor Maguire

Unlike most military members, Taylor’s family is not military connected and had zero exposure to military life before enlisting. Sporting a two-foot blue Mohawk and looking for a more positive place in life, she walked into the Army Recruiter’s office and walked out with a ticket to Fort Sill. While in the Army, she completed chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear training at Fort Leonard Wood and then joined the 142nd Military Intelligence in 2015.


While working with linguists in the 300th MI, Taylor learned to speak French. With this new talent, she began a one-man position doing logistics and acquisition for the world’s largest MI exercise with our FVEY partners (UK, Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand.) After graduating from Airborne school, she became a paratrooper during the COVID-19 pandemic. She highly advises against anyone to attempt running at Fort Benning while under a mask restriction.


Taylor is currently serving in the Army National Guard’s 19th Special Forces Group while she continues to pursue her Master’s in City and Metropolitan Planning at the University of Utah.